Fatkhu Rohmatin, Sri Kusumo Habsari


This paper discusses the new objectification of women bodies on the beauty pageant Puteri Muslimah Indonesia. It proposes to explore that the pageant “Puteri Muslimah Indonesia” continues to serve the consumptive culture raised by capitalism, despite its dedication and concern to promote Islamic values. This paper wants to argue the ambivalence of this pageant which in some way still glorifies the idea that women bodies as the object of gaze through the presentation of the beauty display of the contestants with bold makeup, high heels, ideal body, glamorous gowns and ornamented hijab, despite the requirements to have some qualities of Islamic values and elements to be able to join the competition.


Puteri Muslimah Indonesia; Objectification; Women Bodies; Beauty Pageant

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15548/jk.v10i2.271


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